Hi, I’m James Wiseman, the person you can hold responsible for the content of this site!

I am a software developer from South London, England, now living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland with a view over the extinct volcano, Arthur’s Seat from my loft window!

My main intention was for this blog was to be a notebook for myself in a presentable format – an aid to memory of things I’ve found useful on a day-to-day basis, and little snippets I’d like to share. A lot of it won’t be ground-breaking and you’ll almost certainly find it around elsewhere on the net, but it’s presented in a way that I learned it in the hope that others might find it useful.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a varied career in software development ranging from formal design, testing and development in industries as diverse as electronic publishing, defence, legal and insurance.

My current job is working as a technical designer for a Scottish pensions company , where I advise upon and develop technical solutions while promoting development best-practices. Here I work with a mixture of technologies which include C#, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, SQL Server, SSIS, to name few.

Until 2006 I worked for another Edinburgh-based company, Pilgrim Systems, developing for their flagship legal practice management software suite, Lawsoft.

The work here was challenging and rewarding, and the standards-oriented approach to development taught me much of what I know about software development best-practices.  Pilgrim gave me my first solid experiences with web and database developments, while cementing my knowledge of C++.

Prior to this, I worked for EDS Defence UK Ltd on a range of defence projects for the British armed forces. The most notable of these was an integrated biological defence system (called IBDS) designed to provide early warning of a chemical weapons attack.

More links on this can be found at:

Here, I worked on a range of C++ software modules to simulate and interface with detection systems.

I was also responsible for building a test rig to facilitate integration testing, and overseeing the system and acceptance testing of the software delivered by the EDS IBDS team.

My first programming job was at electronic publishing company Head Software International, based in Caterham, Surrey (the same place as Caterham Cars).

I worked here for fifteen months as part of an industrial placement that formed the third year of my university studies. At HSI, I wrote bespoke database applications and data conversion programs, principally in Delphi and Object Pascal, and also wrote a bespoke web server in C++.

I studied computing at the in the wonderful city of Bath at the the University of Bath. After visiting universities in Sheffield, Nottingham and Portsmouth, I finally settled for Bath after falling in love with the city.

In the summer, the sun reflects of the Bath-Stone buildings giving it a warm glow and a wonderful feeling of optimism.

The major final-year project I undertook here was in the animation of sorting algorithms. The aim of the final application was to demonstrate the workings of six major sorting algorithms and top be able to compare their performance in sorting identical lists of numbers.

In writing this page, I had cause to revisit the application (which can be found in the Algorithm Animation section of my old website). If you are interested it at all, then I would still be happy to recommend it. It attained a final grade of 79%.

What else? Well, I started programming in BASIC on my Commadore Vic 20, and was writing database programs for my high school projects on a BBC Micro, also in BASIC.

For anyone else interested, my CV/Résumé is also available online.

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