Friday Reads – 11th December 2015 – #13

The Most Important Code Metrics You’ve Never Heard Of

Actually, you’ve probably heard of some of them. I’d be interested to understand how they measure them, though.

Can you solve GCHQ’s Christmas card puzzle?

People not processes – a personal lament

The author did not mention it, but the title is a key part of the Agile manifesto

Unit Tests are Your Specification

A critique of a unit test suite. Well worth reading if you’re regularly reviewing code that includes unit tests.


Wiki Patterns

What are the good and bad behaviours that are often observed when running a wiki within an organisation?

Do Interfaces Terminate Dependencies?

Great discussion on the possibly-misguided notion that substituting an interface in place of a concrete class automatically removes that dependency.

New Language Support in Visual Studio 2015

The latest update to Visual Studio includes syntax highlighting and the beginnings of IntelliSense for over a dozen new languages.

Given the Java IDE wars that have been raging for a decade, Is VS looking to challenge the remaining warriors (Eclipse, Netbeans & IntelliJ)?

And for the Java aficionados, here’s the latest twist in that war!

Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius

I’m a great believer in the future of bitcoin, or a bitcoin-like model. Up until now it’s creator has been largely anonymous. Looks like he’s been outed now, though.



This language sucks:

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