Friday Reads – 20th November 2015 – #11

Thoughtworks Technology Radar

I could have spent hours on this site. If you’re wondering what’s hot in the Techniques, Tools, Platforms, Languages and Frameworks, or even want a simple paragraph explaining them, this is the site to go to.

To ECC or Not To ECC

Looking at a historical (home-made) Google server rack and examining the merits of Error-correcting code memory (ECC memory).

I like to give servers a little pep talk while I build them. “Who’s the best server! Who’s the fastest server!”

The Zen of Code Reviews: the Reviewer’s Tale

Extensive advice on reviewing TDD authored code. Interesting to note that it should be reviewed in a TDD manner.

You can’t fix your culture at compile time.

There’s many things you can trap at compile time. Development culture isn’t one of them.

Map of Developers Hitting Stackoverflow in Real Time

Actually, that’s not the main point of the article, and map is fixed around your location (I assume that not everyone is seeing Europe!). Nice to look at if you like seeing differently coloured random dots appearing on a map.

Three Days To Fix A Bug

Off you go then….

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