Friday Reads – 13th November 2015 – #10

Supercharging JavaScript performance with asm.js

asm.js enables opportunities for optimizations that can give asm.js JavaScript code near-native performance and predictable behaviour.

The Force of Pliers

Is 5*3 equivalent to 3*3*3*3*3 or 5*5*5? With programming languages and function declaration, this matters.

The Worst Developer Résumé in the World

Does your CV look anything like this?

Null has no type, but Maybe has

In C# a string with a null value is not deemed to be a string type by the type system. Strange indeed.

How we approach continuous delivery

Kicking off a series on how the development team provide continuous delivery

Uptown Funk Server Upgrade Parody

Genuinely not sure what to say about this.

Coder Epitaphs

Two Monitors

Someone (I don’t know who) put a two-monitor Dilbert cartoon on my desk. Here’s a selection of Dilberts relating to this topic.

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