Friday Reads – 6th November 2015 – #9

Your Old Language Version is Costing You Money

Courtesy of: @feelthesource

Advances in language capabilities can carry with them significant cost savings in terms of developer time and code maintenance. Keeping pace with modern languages may also help you retain talented staff who are eager to work with them.

Microsoft CoreCLR and ASP.NET 5 Beta Bug Bounty

I wonder if this is a response to a 3rd party (the Stackoverflow team) finding a bug in the .net 4.6 Jitter (a Jitterbug?). You could earn up to $15,000 for finding a bug.

Off you go then.

You know what would be a cool W3 standard?

For the lazy: Progress bars.

‘T-shaped’ developers are the new normal

I remember when a UX guru chum told me about the T-Model of skills. Here’s why it’s relevant to developers.

SQL Server 2016 Breaks Out

Lookee here! The SQL Server 2016 CTP is out in the wild. Undoubtedly there are plenty of interesting things there, but ‘SQL Server R Services’ and ‘Native JSON support’ really stick out for me.


I laughed out loud at this one. It literally describes my entire experience with Git source control.

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