Friday Reads – 30th October 2015 – #8


Uncle Bob’s take on the conduct of the Software Developers responsible for the software that cheated emissions tests.

“If we had a real profession, those programmers would be brought before that profession, investigated, and if found guilty, drummed out of the profession in disgrace.”

11 Concerns With the Java Ecosystem

To be fair, not all are concerns, and in my opinion the article is a little weak in conveying it’s message. That aside, it still gives an insight into some of the challenges and futures around this ecosystem.

What we’re doing about content debt

Large content sites such as Stackoverflow have a constant battle with content debt. The variety of behaviour driven initiatives and user-driven tools on the site to combat this are numerous. Large public bodies also have this problem. Here’s what the Scottish government are doing about it.

What is DevOps, Anyway?

You may have heard the term. Aside from the cynical view that it’s just a sysadmin rebranding himself, what exactly is it? And to be honest, I still don’t know.

Ministry of Defence hoarding £38.5m worth of unused IPv4 addresses

“A Freedom of Information request by network control specialist Infoblox has revealed that the MoD is hoarding millions of pounds worth of unused IPv4 addresses, while the UK government remains woefully unprepared for IPv6”

Sprint Zero: A Good Idea or Not?

“The concept of a “sprint zero” has become popular with some teams and so it is important to consider whether or not this is a good idea.”

Early view of C# 7 with Mads Torgersen

Jeez! I haven’t even started with C#6 yet!

One of the coders’ hardest problems

Namely, naming!

And with that in mind, for those that use Visual Studio why not try this ‘Synonyms’ extension by @feelthesource:

Shelveset Comparer

We don’t all use Visual Studio, but for those that do, here’s another useful extension for comparing two different TFS shelvesets:

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