Friday Reads – 23rd October 2015 – #7

Thanks to @fergalleon for curating this weeks’ issue.

Introducing Resharper ‘Build’

One for the .net guys, some of the nice new features being added to resharper vNext:

Her Code Got Humans on the Moon — And Invented Software Itself!

(Courtesy of @feelthesource)

This raises some interesting points, which are as relevant today as they were then.

Hottest” IT Companies In UK’s Financial Sector

Interesting round up of some startups who are making inroads into the markets traditionally dominated by the established players.

Online Attacks on Infrastructure

According to this report, are steadily on the increase

.Net Rocks! Is Coming to Scotland

(Just announced this morning)

The chaps from the excellent “.Net rocks!” podcast are coming to Scotland to do some talks.

The Test Automation Pyramid

This talks about falling into the common trap of violating Cohn’s testing pyramid (I’m looking at you Selenium!): 

Subcutaneous Tests

To solve this, Fowler talks about going after “subcutaneous” tests instead of UI tests:

An Effective Testing Strategy?

And to summarize, Jimmy ‘Automapper’ Bogard covers concept this in quite a relatable way here:


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