Friday Reads – 9th October 2015 – #5

How *Not* to Eat An Elephant

An (old) article from one of my favourite tech authors reminding us that requirements can be tricky and estimates trickier.

Casting is a Polymorphism Fail

Contains the brilliant expression ‘Reality Deficit’. Try and use it in general conversation today.

Character, Commitment, Team Work, Hard Work

“Setting your sights on continual improvement and buying into the shared excellence of a team makes you part of a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts…”

Chaos Engineering Upgraded

We read about the NetFlix Chaos Monkeys in a previous edition of Friday Reads. Now they’ve got Chaos Kong!

A New Approach to System Intuition

Again from NetFlix, is this the future of Production Support? (not the pain suits… Now you’re intrigued)


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