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Dedicated to my pictures of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK

Pictures of Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, UK and Singapore
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Pictures of the Moment:

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Pictures 1 Tower Bridge Panorama
Looking east along the River Thames at London Tower Bridge. The Docklands skyscrapers can be seen on the left of this photo.
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Pictures 2 Plane Sunet
The sun setting in the west under the wing of a plane.
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Pictures 3 Perspective
I like the perspective in this photo and how the tower and the scyscraper lean towards the church. It was taken from a carpark at the side of the church visible on the photo Looking Back below.

Further pictures from the following places are available:

Fiji New Zealand Australia Canada
Beachcomber Island Auckland Cape Tribulation Toronto
Momi Bay Far North / Cape Reinga Port Douglas Ottawa
Coral Coast Bay of Islands Cairns Montreal
Nadi Paihia Townsville Quebec
Suva Cathedral Cove Whitsunday Islands Niagara Falls
Waiotapu Fraser Island
Rotorua Brisbane
Tongariro Crossing Sydney
River Valley Canberra
Wellington Melbourne
Picton Great Ocean Road
England Scotland Wales Other
London Edinburgh Mt Snowdon Singapore
Oxford Tobermory Singapore2
Bath Loch Rannoch Provence

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