Your Website Archive on the WayBack Machine

I stumbled across this the other day. The Internet Archive project may have stored what your site looked like 5 years ago on the WayBack Machine

Personally, i think this is an astounding project. I got to see the very first incantation of this site and a site that I ran at university that got wiped from the servers when I left WAY BACK IN 1999! For anyone interested, they’ve even got a picture of me from way-back-when.

WayBack MachineMoreover, some of the links from these pages, some long since dead, are also archived as well. My goodness! It’s a trip down memory lane. Sorry, back in a minute…

…A colleague commented on this. “So, it doesn’t matter what you delete from a webpage, as there could always be a record of it somewhere!”

Google and Microsoft go back to 1996, which seems to be as far back as it goes. Interestingly enough, the first web page in the world only goes back as far as 1997.

Fortunately, Internet Archive give you a way of removing the site, however what my colleague said could ring true. Who knows what else there is out there? And, not just stuff that is online, I’m talking about results of crawls that are sitting offline somewhere; possibly on some government server.

I got all this after looking up the site on which also estimates the value of the site. I would be interested in seeing that algorithm, especially as the value changes if you resubmit it.

Incidentally, this domain is quoted as being worth $5000. Any takers?

By the way, Google was $220 Million last time I checked. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t sell even for 1000 times that.