Looking for a loan or payday – Spam Text Message


Looking for a load or payday 95% approvals in june,complete online in 5mins. www.extramoneymatters.co.uk No guarantor. To opt out reply stop

Received from:

  • +447523822040/07523822040

Another spam text message variant to look out for.

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This is a spam text message WHICH IS ILLEGAL. The companies that use this form of marketing are equivalent to the people who buy stolen goods. These are not the sort of companies you want to do business with!

This is one of many messages that are circulating as originally highlighted in my article Debt Settlement Order Spam Text Message. If you ever receive anything that remotely fits this template then delete it.

Again, DO NOT REPLY. This is a random act of spamming – a computer program is systematically trying to send this out to thousands of numbers at random. It has, by sheer chance, found your number!

And, if you can, post the number in the comments below. This will help people searching by that number alone find this article and avoid any potential trouble arising from replying.

Also, please. please post any variants in full. I have had so many comments from people in desperate circumstances who are being targeted by the parasites that operate these scams.

Are You a Victim?

Screenchannel Television is making a new series about debt and loans and are looking for people to share their experiences. If have been a victim of this scam, or have even considered responding and are interested in taking part, then you can read more in this article.

How Does It Work?

The whole setup is quite elaborate. But in essence there is a computer program that pretends to be the number you see that sends out all the spam messages. Meanwhile, another computer program monitors the text-message mailbox of all of the numbers you see. If you reply, then you are added to a database of numbers to be called (and for future spamming).

I’ve written this up in full at: Telephony Leads and Debt Management Companies – How It Works.


You may be report these messages to your provider. The following links may help:

Vodafone – How do I report spam text messages? Forward the spam message to VSPAM (87726).

Orange – Stop spam text messages. If you are on Orange and get spam messages, please forward them to 7726 free from your Orange phone. By doing this you are helping Orange to collate information to help reduce spam messages being sent to you and others.

02 also allow you to report on 7726. See: SPAM and unwanted subscription texts

I would also try forwarding the message onto 7726 if you are with T-Mobile or Three.

You can also try NumberCop and DoNotCall.gov

Back in May 2009, the Guardian newspaper wrote an article Spam to go – the new mobile menace. It recommends a number of organisations you can contact.

To complain about an inappropriate text, call the Advertising Standards Authority 020 7492 2222 or go to www.asa.org.uk/asa/contact/

To resolve continual mobile spam despite texting “stop”, contact the ICO on 01625 54 57 45 or go to www.ico.gov.uk/complaints.aspx

For help with premium rate text spam, call PhonepayPlus on 0800 500 212 or log on to www.phonepayplus.org.uk/output/Make-a-complaint.aspx

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  1. +447840108785
    URGENT! If you took out a bank loan prior to 2009 then you are almost certainly entitled to £2300 in compensation. To claim reply ‘YES’

  2. 07534312952

    these are just 3 of the 15 – 26 textx i get everyday offereing the same hing. All i did was take out a payday loan ad now i am scared to even answer my phone. What can i do?

  3. This is the number and the debt message that was sent to me this morning:

    +44 7779567043

    “Sue to lew legislation, anyone struggling with debt can now apply to have it WRITTEN OFF. For Free info reply ‘HELP’ now, to opt out text STOP.

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