Restarting Services on a Machine Remotely

Periodically, I see the following sort of email being broadcast across the department:

Can you please log out of [Some Machine]. I need to restart [SomeService]

Once sent, some kind individual will log out and send an email confirming this. The original correspondent will then log onto the machine and perform the necessary actions before logging out, emailing the original user, who will then log back in.

Hassle, right?

Happily there is a simple shortcut from the service control manager on your local PC.

1. Simply open this up from the control panel (or typing ‘services.msc’ into the ‘run’ dialog available from the start menu).

When it has loaded, if you look at both panes you will see the text ‘Services(local)’.

2. Click on the ‘Services(local)’ item in the list in the left pane and then click ‘Action’ from the main menu (the options in this menu change depending on what you have selected) then click ‘Connect to another computer’.

3. Type in the name of the computer you would like to connect to.

4. Restart the services as you would have done:

This facility isn’t just limited to the service control manager. The following tools/services also allow you to connect remotely in some way:

  • Component Services
  • Computer Management
  • Event Viewer
  • Registry Editor

So next time you want to log onto a box, why not consider whether or not you really need to, and instead use the method above?

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