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With my original debt settlement order spam text message post having gained significant velocity in the blogosphere, I thought it worth posting here with regard to a subtle change of tack for the spammers with this new message:

The government has introduced a Debt Relief Order. People struggling to pay bills can have debt wiped off for ever. For more info text INFO. To stop text STOP

This is hardly surprising. A search for Debt Settlement order in google at the time of writing yielded the above post with the text ‘DO NOT REPLY EITHER WAY – THIS IS A SCAM’, whereas, a search for Debt Relief Order revealed no such indication.

For now, all the info regarding this is on the above link.

Feel free to post any numbers and variants below. It’ll all help keep this prominent and prevent others from falling into the same trap.

Are You a Victim?

Screenchannel Television is making a new series about debt and loans and are looking for people to share their experiences. If have been a victim of this scam, or have even considered responding and are interested in taking part, then you can read more in this article.

23 thoughts on “Debt Relief Order – Spam Text Message

  1. Very insightful cheers, It is my opinion your trusty visitors could very well want a great deal more posts such as this keep up the great effort.

  2. Received the text message three times now – the last time was on 24 August 2011 at around 2pm the sender was 07596 916516.

  3. Got this at 14:45 on 8/6/2011 from 07526 377673

    Thanks to the author of this site for the information.

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