From My Grandfather To My Grandmother

Found by my parents when clearing the attic of their house. A poem from my Grandfather, Wilfred Engel to his wife, Alice, on a ruby wedding anniversary card.

November 25th 1973

To: Mate-O-Mine

We set out together, Mate O’ Mine,
When youth was in its prime.
Life the way that lie before us,
Steep the hill we had to climb.
We neither of us knew the way,
How steep the path, how great the load.
Now I know great the debt I owed,
To God, for Mate O’ Mine

We  set out together, Mate O’ Mine,
We’ve wended vale and hill.
Now it’s homeward through the twilight,
We must wander at God’s will.
We’ll neither of us fear the gloom,
Love still shall make our pathway shine.
Should you be last returning home,
I will greet the Mate O’ Mine.

Mate o’mine music : words by Leslie Cooke

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