How Much is Worth?

Occasionally, I like to give my mind a treat, and visit some of those sites that claim to be able to value domains. I made reference to one, StrategicFirst back in my post of May last year, Your Website Archive on the WayBack Machine, which valued my site at $5000!

Last time I checked StrategicFirst was no longer with us, but there are some more, which I thought I would share.

Firstly we have the the valuation service at err, $timator.Com. This values the domain name at a whopping $35,692 at the time of writing.

Not to be outdone, values it at an eye-watering $140,951!

Does exactly what it says on the tin site is a little more conservative at $5,441.

Suspiciously similar is the valuation at, which quotes the value as $5,413.

Perhaps slightly more realistic is the valuation at, which estimates the worth as $380.

dnScoop attempts to ruin my fun by valuing it at a paltry $27!

That’s more like it! cheers me up a little with a valuation of $1,721.34. comes in with some identical stats to $380 again.

Meanwhile, estimates $19,650.15.

Two more, $2,850 at and £1,269 (UKP) at

I’m getting bored now, but time for one final estimate. According to, is worth $7391.25.

I stopped on page 2 of a Google search for “domain value” (unquoted). Looking at pages 3 onwards there would appear to be many more. This seems to me like a perfect opportunity for some sort of aggregation utility.

In reality I’m never going to sell this site unless I get a really good offer. Regardless of how much it is worth to someone else, its worth a lot to me, and represents a lot of my time invested.

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