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If you receive a blank text message from an unknown – DO NOT REPLY.

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Unsolicited Text

Last month I wrote about a bogus Debt Settlement Order Unsolicited Text Message that I received, attempting to target the vulnerable with a shallow offer of debt relief.

The response I had (and am continuing to have) to this is little short of amazing. In a little over two weeks I had over 100 comments, and it became by far the most visited page on this blog.

Many of the responses detailed similar messages, with slight variants and themes, all of which are detailed on the above link.

Blank Text

Then one commenter reported that they had received a blank text from an unrecognised number. Responding ‘Yes?’ to this elicited an usolicited call from…you’ve guessed it…a company offering advice for help with debt.

While you may not feel inclined to respond to a direct offer of this sort of help, a blank message is quite an underhand trick, as it appeals to an idle curiosity in many. I know I’d certainly be tempted.

As in the above post, I would be interested in hearing of any experiences that people have had with this, and of course, the originating numbers/networks if any. These numbers are most important as there is no common phrase that people to search for on the internet.

So let me know…

26 thoughts on “Empty Text Message Spam

  1. I have just got a blank text off the number ’19’ and the messenger sent it yesterday at 23:55pm, I searched it up on google and most people said their message was from 2001/2003 from the same number, I have just blocked the number.

  2. I have been receiving blank text messages from “dam”. I’ve looked at contact information and no number shows. I also blocked the contact yet still receive the same blank text. I have an I phone. Is this spyware?

  3. I have been receiving a blank text from garbled random email addresses maybe once every two months. I never respond but it pisses me off because they do it at like 5-6 am on the one day I get to sleep in! (Note I am in PST) is there any way to prevent these texts? I’m already on the no call registry but I guess texts are exempt?

  4. I’ve received three blank texts from three different numbers over the past couple of days. The numbers are 610-952-3933, 479-234-3199, and 610-597-1807.

  5. I received 4 calls from an unknown caller at 4 in the morning at this number: 011 94 714098000. Since it was a number I didn’t recognize, I didn’t answer it – plus I wanted to get some sleep! In between the phone calls, I received 3 blank texts. Creepy!!

  6. I received a blank text message on my iPhone showing the contact as M9. I ve no idea who this might be and he/ she is not even in my contacts. I didn’t reply to it… There is nothing on the Internet about that M9…
    Any ideas, fellas???

  7. Due to a new legislation, those struggling with debt can now apply to have it written off. Free information reply INFO or to opt-out text stop. Free Text.

    Received from Mob: +447795606079

  8. I had 2 recently – 07522083268 and07522083258 – I was getting worried (bit paranoid!) Until I just typed those numbers on here and saw they’re nearly consecutive. One was 2 days ago – both about 2pm.

    How do you stop them? It’s REALLY irritating. I also get the phone calls

    ‘Do not hang up – this is an important message. Do you suffer from debt?…hang up!

    Surely this is illegal? I’m really careful with which companies I give I give my number to, so who is breaking their privacy policy?

  9. I started being spammed quite heavily by loan companies for some reason – funnily enough it happened just after I called a debt collection company who had been sending notices to my flat for the previous tenant! They were all address to somebody called “Claire” (not my name) and were from a variety of different mobile numbers. They eventually stopped after I threatened to report them for spam.
    Now, I have had 2 blank messages from different mobile numbers yesterday and today at roughly the same time of day. The numbers are 07526901863 and 07541706089.

    • I read that there are spy ware apps that use the name claire they need you to answer or respond to become active….. if it’s true idk I Googled how to tell if your phone is tapped when I read it.

  10. In the space of two days I have received 2 empty text messages. One from +447771247563 and one from +447548031901.

    I have not responded but wonder where these have come from all of a sudden. I have a very old Nokia phone, no internet access or anything fancy and have not made calls to anyone outside of friends and family.

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