Learning To Program

In my previous post on Algorithm Animation in HTML5, I wrote about reviving my old final-year university project of the same name for the purposes in trying out the HTML5 canvas tag.

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Originally I wrote this in Delphi 3, and later wrote a version in C# when I was trying to learn the language. When it came to trying out the HMTL5 canvas tag, Algorithm Animation seemed like the perfect application with which to try.

Soon after completing the first incarnation and posting it, I stumbled across a 37 Signals blog entry, ‘How Do I Learn To Program?’.

The author talks about how he learned to program:

…I tried to learn to program by following tutorials that created programs I didn’t have the slightest interest in keeping…

Sound familiar? How many times have we followed tutorials in a book that have taught us how to write a program we have no interest in.

These examples generally start out with some problem, which and will demonstrate how this is solved with their examples. But, for me, there is no point of reference, and I have no empathy for the problem. I don’t really care about it, and as a result, don’t care about the solution. The knock on effect is generally, that I don’t learn as well.

So when i’m picking something new up, I always try to refer back to an interesting point of reference, hence attempting the Algorithm Animation.

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