SQL Server Database Version Database

Yes, its out there on the web; a SQL Server Database Version Database. Or, to put it differently, a Database of SQL Server Versions.

Here  you can find a list of all the versions of SQL Server that have ever been released. It even goes right back to version 6.0, released in 1995. Check out the SQL Server Release History if you are interested.

I was drawn to this list when I had two database connections open in my object explorer:

SQLDatabase01 (SQL Server 8.0.2050 – Context/UserName)

SQLDatabase02 (SQL Server 8.0.2039 – Context/UserName)

I was curious as to what the difference was, so investigated further and found the SQL Server Version Database. I found the information I wanted with ease:

2000 (GDR) SP4+Q941203 / 948110 – 8.0.2050

2000  SP4 – 8.0.2039

And looking at the hundreds of different versions available, its not surprising that something like this is needed.

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