JamesWiseman.com – July 2010 Browser Stats

Here are few snippets from the monthly stats of this site from June 2010. For a full breakdown of browser stats, follow this link.

The stats are from the AWStats log analyzer tool on the control panel of my hosting account.

Here are the stats from the most significant browser hits above 1%.

Internet Explorer 118575 50.1% (-4.8%)
FireFox 54273 22.9% (+2.2%)
Google Chrome 34968 14.7% (+2%)
Safari 14834 6.2% (+0.1%)
Mozilla 3283 1.3% (+0.1%)
Opera 2917 1.2% (+0.4%)

MSIE took a massive hit this month, with the shortfall mainly being made up with Firefox and Chrome.


The vast majority of MSIE hits came from the three latest versions, 8, 7 and 6.

Msie 8.0 60244 25.4% (-0.3%)
Msie 7.0 37848 16.0% (-2.7%)
Msie 6.0 20358 8.6% (-0.5%)

If any message can be drawn from this, it’s that some people are forsaking IE altogether when they change from IE7. IE6 remains quite static, which would seem to indicate that people are quite reticent to drop this browser, although I suspect a large number of corporate users will be dragging their heals in upgrading.

A massive five hits from MSIE 2.0, again this month. It celebrates it 15th birthday in November of this year!


A big winner from the apparent IE abandonment. There was a showing from Firefox 4.0.


Chrome up again this month. It has now risen from just over 10% to just under 15% in a space of two months. Keep an eye on this!

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