JSFiddle the Stackoverflow Answer Race

Have you ever found yourself wanting to test out a bit of HTML/CSS/JavaScript without having access to an IDE or being bothered to fire it up?

Do you want to hack prototype a bit of code quickly without fuss?

Or maybe you’re one of those StackOverflow answerers that Race To Get The First Answer In.

If your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘I am actually’ then there’s probably a myriad of different resources you can call upon to help out, but you might consider JSFiddle

I created  a really simple bit of code:


<input type="checkbox" />



Then I selected ‘jQuery 1.4.2.’ from the ‘Choose Framework’ section and clicked run.

When I clicked on the checkbox, everything hung together like a dream:

At the time of writing the blurb stated that it was still under heavy development, however I still thought it was a genuinely nice little tool that I wanted to share.

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