JamesWiseman.com – May 2010 Browser Share Stats

May 2010 was the first full month that this blog was online, so I’d thought i’d share some stats from this. This is something I hope to do each month.

The stats are from the AWStats log analyzer tool on the control panel of my hosting account.


Here are the stats from the most significant browser hits above 1%. MSIE is way out in the lead, but somewhat down I would suspect on where it was a couple of years ago.

Internet Explorer 184109 56.1%
FireFox 67916 20.7%
Google Chrome 34301 10.4%
Safari 21752 6.6%
Opera 3943 1.2%


The vast majority of MSIE hit came from the three latest versions, 8, 7 and 6. It’s particularly nice to IE6 trailing off, although not as quickly as I would have liked.

Msie 8.0 84335 25.7%
Msie 7.0 72962 22.2%
Msie 6.0 26676 8.1%

And a small bit of wierdness: One hit from MSIE 2.0, which celebrates it 15th birthday in November of this year! Who still uses that?


There are, quite simply, millions (62, actually) of different versions of Firefox that browsed this site in May 2010, ranging from 1.0.1 (2 hits) to 3.6.4 (57 hits). The largest number of hits came from version 3.6.3 and accounted for 12% of all browser hits.

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