Putting Pictures in Your Blog Posts

Recently, I’ve experimented in breaking up the text in my blog entries with pictures vaguely relating to the content. I must confess that when looking back at them I’ve found the effect to be quite pleasing (particularly Old JamesWiseman.com).

I’ve always intended this to be a notebook for myself, but am always looking for ways to improve my technical writing, and enhance the way I convey and present information. Technical writing is an important skill for any software developer, and the manner you writeinformation is often essential to convey meaning.Blog Picture

For most of my career I have written technical specifications, designed to state the facts as concisely as possible, but writing blog articles like this is very different experience for me.

For a start, the tone-of-voice is different, you have to be conversational and friendly. You also have to assume that people are reading this in their own time, and not time that is being paid for by their company. This places the onus on you to  make things a more interesting, and less taxing on the brain.

I did some reading up , and I quite like some of the suggestions I found on How To Write A Blog Post, which include:

  • Create a snappy title – Not sure that I’ve really been doing this, so I might try more after this post.
  • Hook your readers with a great first paragraph – Good idea. Not sure the first paragraph above is a great hook, so maybe more work required!
  • Get into the nitty-gritty. Write detailed blog posts – Hmm, well, I always intended this to be a notebook so I’m maybe shirking this task. However, getting high traffic was never the motivation for this blog.
  • Wrap it up. Add some sort of conclusion.

And of course, I’ll add my own – Put Some Pictures In. I tend to do a Google image search on any words vaguely relating to the topic and then put some images that catch my eye into the post.

For the record, the Google searches I did here were “Blog Posts” and “Conclusion”.

One thought on “Putting Pictures in Your Blog Posts

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