Friday Reads – 2nd October 2015 – #4

Morning! It’s Friday. This week’s link collection for you:

Favour Outcomes Over Rules

…Or pragmatism over dogmatism.

Cargo Cult Programming

The above article reminded me of the term ‘Cargo Cult Programming.’ Do we question enough when it comes to dogmatic standards and processes?

Bitcoin and beyond: Which banks are investing in the blockchain?

I’ve been long convinced that bitcoin will be an integral part of our economic future. If not then aspects of it certainly will. Not least, the public ledger that is the ‘Blockchain’. Moreover, the chief economist at the Bank of England agrees:

The Myth Of The Software Rewrite

Food for thought for the next time you complain about how broken your code base is:

Help Professional Developers Survive

Do you have an environment that nurtures professionalism?

Automated Cars

Basically, the safer the automated car system the more qualified the driver has to be!

Computer Science According to T-Rex.

Friday Reads – 25th September 2015 – #3

A Software Developer’s Guide to Clean Code

For those too who haven’t read Uncle Bob’s ‘Clean Code’ book.

A Little Structure

It’s almost as if his ears were burning. Here’s Uncle Bob’s rabbit warren-esque take on structured programming. Seriously, you could spend a lot of time on this article. Otherwise, it’s pretty short, and a compelling read.

Bringing Objectivity to Clean Code

This might resonate with some folk. There’s some good stuff here on its relationship to code reviews.

Whatever happened to Minority Report’s technology predictions?

The first thing I thought was “Holy crap! It’s 13 years since minority report.”

Why type-first development matters

TFD can allow developers to communicate, prototype system ideas. Moreover it can help with Unit Testing/TDD and promotes ease of extensibility.

PL/SQL Brain Teaser: how many ways can you define a cursor in PL/SQL?

I won’t spoil it. The answer is buried away in the comments.

What We Know About Spreadsheet Errors

An old study, but I think still relevant. An audit of spreadsheets in seven different studies between 1987 and 2007 reported that 88% contained errors. Financial services firms, like ourselves, make heave use of spreadsheets.

Stop Pushing The Web Forward

“Simplicity, URLs, and reach” — those are exactly the things the web community should focus on. Native apps can’t out-web the web, and web apps should embrace that.

Mission statement generator

Why waste millions on a mission statement when you can get one here: