Data Breach to The Children’s Mutual?

A while ago blogged about my spam trap system. In essence I give each company a unique email address, so if I ever get spam to that address, I know who has leaked it.

I have given out hundreds of different email addresses, and to date only one company has given the email address to fraudulent spammers.

Until now.

Step up The Children’s Mutual.

The unique email address I used for them just received a spam message advertising a Russian dating site.

Most worryingly, though, they know my name (that’s not on the email). So, what other details do they have. At the very least this is a serious breach, that needs to be reported to the regulator. And we need to understand what’s been leaked and what measure are going to be taken to safeguard our money.

The Children’s Mutual are purportedly a respectable company that invest millions of pounds for their customers. I hope they respond quickly.


Fake DX-Delivery Scam Text Message

The website is fraudulent and this is a scam.

Dx-Delivery are a legitimate delivery company, this is not from them. Their website is (

I received a text message this morning claiming to be from a company called dx-delivery, stating

URGENT: DX-DELIVERY is holding your parcel. Please visit and enter tracking number 41504599787

This is nothing to do with Dx-Delivery. This is a scam to defraud people into sending £50 to get a fictitious package redelivered. Do not action this.

Dx-Delivery are aware of this. From their website:


Fraudulent text messages have been sent by someone trying to defraud people by asking them to visit to make a payment of £50 for redelivery of a parcel.

DO NOT ACTION THIS MESSAGE. This has nothing to do with DX and we are doing all we can to close this site down urgently and are working with the authorities to resolve this situation.

Please provide your details to ‘’ placing ‘Text Fraud’ in the subject line as we are collating a list of all people contacted.