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An animation can be the ideal forum to explore the mechanics of certain algorithms. This page provides applications that are dedicated to animating certain sorting Algorithms and provides links to other further resources on the web.
1. Original Windows Algorithm Animation
The investigation and animation of sorting algorithms was my university dissertation and centered around this application. It was written in Delphi in 1999 and I am still very pround of it.
The email address provided in this application is no loger valid. If you have any questions about this application you can email me at
2. Algorithm Animation in C#
I am currently leaning the C# language. To assist me I decided to revive my old Algorithm Animation project (see above). Although it is more basic than the above application it may be run on any platform on which the Microsoft .NET platform is installed.
This zip file also contains the source code. You may use this freely as long as you credit me and this web page.
Further Resources
CCAA - The Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations
This is an extensive site that contains a large number of animations. This site is not just limited to sorting algorithms and includes geometric, graph and tree algorithms.
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